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The ultimate guide for market (Updated 2018)






The Ultimate Guide

How to market?

Wikipedia says: “Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that Marketing is one of the premier components of Business Management – the other being innovation.”

Marketing is the essence of all buying and selling activities occurring between a consumer and producer. Any product or service that is getting manufactured must have a purpose. This purpose must relate to consumer requirements. So they choose to buy that product. If we build a device that nobody needs it will be a waste. Marketing investigates the needs of customers and how to fulfill this demand in the market using products. There is a two way relationship between marketing and manufacturing because needs change from time to time. Then products need to be modified to keep up with these changes.

Marketing may involve many stages but we want to concentrate on a few: Graphic design, price determination, website design, SEO, social marketing and advertising. These are main milestones in selling an item by introducing it to the market.

How to determine the price of a product?

Here comes the big question. How to determine the price of a product? There are a few points to discuss. What do we offer? How is that different from others? What does the customer willing to pay? What are our costs? What should be the profit margin? Cheap and more in number or expensive and less in number? Many more questions come to minds. The main point is to set a price that the product is worth. If we price it less than it’s value we might miss out in our profit margin. How about pricing it more than it’s value? We might miss out on customers. Therefore a careful research must be made prior to determination of price of a product. Sometimes a market research is very useful to ask people around to find out how much they would be willing to pay if we present our product to them.

Graphic design explained

A new term in our language, that is graphic design. We use typography, photography and illustrations to communicate with our clients and solve their problem. We introduce our solution to them by means of graphics. Colors, shapes, pictures, words… They all have their roles in this process. Bringing these together in a beautiful manner makes a product sell. We see, logos, brochures, manuals, stand-up banner signs, billboards, business cards… They all give us an image about the product. Some give less, some give more information. Putting them together makes an image in the minds of consumers. So these need to be used effectively. Wrong image may effect marketing efforts badly.

Why do we need a website?

Shopping term has changed in the last decade. In the past we used to go to shopping centers to buy products. Or even earlier we used to go to shops in out towns, suburbs. They compiled all shops into shopping centers so people can find whatever they are looking for at one destination. Then they put all of the shops in our computer screens. Online marketing even now changed it’s shape. Nowadays we shop from our mobile phones. A website is the access to the consumers. Website is a gateway to their shopping experience. The more places we are accessible the more is our chance to market the product. In computer, mobile phone, tablet etc. Therefore a well build web site is the best way to market our product. Many products can be sold on the internet using commerce functions. So you don’t have to do any effort but just to receive orders and fulfill them. Websites need to explain the product in the correct manner so wrong information is not conveyed to prospective customers. Use of pictures, animations, descriptions should come from experienced website designers to take attention. In other words marketing depends on digital media and the best platform to present digital media is on the web.

I want to be on the first page of Google but how to do it?

You want your product to come directly in front of the consumer. The lower the ranking of the web site in search engine results the less likely that a customer will click the web site link. Therefore nowadays companies spend a lot of money to go on the first page of Google. It doesn’t stop there because there is a continuous competition to keep that ranking. Being in the first page doesn’t mean that you will keep that position. If your competitor is giving more information to the customers, search engines will show them higher in ranking. There are a few factors that effect ranking. That’s why a new term called SEO or search engine optimization has been developed in the last few years. Content in the web site has to be optimized for certain keywords that people search for on the web. Ultimate purpose is to give the most valuable information to searcher. Don’t try tricking search engines with keyword stuffing methods. Keyword stuffing is to hide keywords in unrecognizable colors at the bottom of your page so readers don’t see but search engines count them. The more a keyword appears on your page the more likely you are giving more information about that topic. But now search engines are more clever and they penalize web sites in tat manner. The main point is to builds web sites with great content with valuable links that would attract readers to enjoy and search engines to rank. Only processional hands can achieve those results.

Social Marketing

A very good way to reach your clients is through social marketing. Channels like twitter, facebook, snapshot, Google+, Linked in are very convenient ways to introduce your products. Many people spend time reading posts. If your products information is getting posted on some of these channels you have more chance to receive some inquiries. They are also good ways of back linking. Back linking is the links that are to your main web site. Search engines find it important if the web site is linked by many other web sites that have authority. Authority is the selection criteria of a web site by search engines. The more people click on a web site and spend time there the more that web site has authority. In summary, social marketing must be used to give news about your product that you want to market. Experienced social market professionals do this for many companies.

The old and new way of advertising

Many people think that advertising is just on newspaper, magazine etc. Well, world has changed. There are much more channels to advertise a product than classical methods. People now advertise on search engines like Google, or on social marketing channels like Facebook. Even advertisements come in front of us in mobile phone apps. We still have billboard advertising which is very common. Don’t forget customer specific advertising. To suit advertising according to needs of the customer. Trade shows are a very good way of reaching your potential customers. These ways all need work and thinking process to be successful.

In summary, what do we understand from marketing?

Marketing needs a good coordination of all processes starting from setting price until advertising. If we want our product to hit the market and sell in bulk we need to spend time and money to prepare correct marketing strategies. At Invetive we have many services related to marketing. We help you in determination of pricing, we design graphics such as logo, business card, brochure, flyer, pamphlets etc. We build a web site and make it come to higher rankings. We also help in social marketing and advertising. We help you to transform your ideas into reality to build your future by bringing design-build-maintain-market processes together. Thus having a benefit and impact on the whole world.

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