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3D CAD Modeling

Invetive is a Melbourne based company providing services in design, build, maintain and market areas. We provide 3D Cad Modeling services throughout Australia.

We have extensive experience in Advanced Part & Assembly Design. We do parametric design for many companies. We make blocks & standard parts for their libraries. Our aim is to improve design time & efficiency.

If you are looking to outsource your CAD work, please call us. We are using Solidworks.

Sorting Bucket

Advanced Part Design, Parametric Design

We have been designing advanced parts for many years now. We use multibody design techniques with sweeping and lofting features. We use advanced features like save bodies and sketching with splines. We also are experienced in advanced design features related to 3D sketching, threads and library feature parts.

Another field we are specialized in is parametric design. Parametric design allows the designer to generate automatized outputs from the same model and drawings using variables attached to the design. This allows even the end users to generate drawings for different versions of the same product. We provide parametric design services to our clients.


Large Assembly Design, Block Design

Some designs consist of many parts and the relation between them. We have been working on many large assembly designs which gave us the experience to manage all this concept in the best manner. We design in such a manner that even after adding hundreds of parts we can still track a single part that needs modification for example.

We also design blocks. Making blocks is a very handy feature of 3D design software. It is also found in 2D design software like Autocad… These blocks are features that are used constantly so rather than re-designing the whole part or feature again and again we design a block instead. Every time designer needs to use it he can import it from the library. We manage the library of blocks as well for our customers.


Library – Standard Parts Management

Libraries are where all design standard information is kept. Whether it may be a part or a sketch or even a material we can manage those items for you. What happens in many companies that we have seen until now is that every time a new designer joins the company he makes his own library. Ending with such a disaster that all the time and money that is put into the library has no use at all. The reason is that parts are not named properly and they are not placed in their correct destinations. 

The end result is that same designs are redrawn by different designers. Sometimes even same designer redesigns the same part just because he forgot where he put the original one. If you are also suffering from such a condition Invetive has the best skill set in terms of library and standard part management. We can even sort your existing libraries and tidy them up for you.


Improving Design Time & Efficiency

Many times projects that are even in very large scale end up in loss. Most of the time and money is spent in design stage. By improving design time & efficiency a company can make lots of profit. This requires correct techniques of design approach and training.

At Invetive we deliver services to train designers as to what is the best approach to the design improving design efficiency. Some companies don’t know how much time needed to design a project. That’s why they can’t estimate the design time thus ending up in loss. We help you in every situation to start making profit from your orders.


Bill of Materials List

Bill of materials or as called in the industry BOM is a crucial part of the manufacturing process. Parts that are required to assemble an assembly need to be clearly specified in the drawing so that no confusion will tkae place later on. We have done many BOM and we know what works. What doesn’t work is to name parts without correct description and assuming shop people will figure out later on.

Actually this is wasting valuable time on the shop floor generating a lot of loss. Rather, we identify parts with the best information including part/supplier numbers, supplier company and even pricing from the last purchase adding value to the drawings for every corner of the company.


Cut & Process Lists for Structural

Well last but not least we are also experienced in generating cust & process lists for structural designs. These lists help the tradesmen so much that prior to reading each detail in the drawing they know what are the material requirements. So supervisors in the workshop can easily order the material in advance.

We generate cut lists and material cut details in detail so the structural projects flow seamlessly in the workshop. It helps in quoting stage as well. If the design is compete quoting is so easy. Contact us to discuss about our capabilities and how they relate to you.


Switchboard Design

  • Main Switchboards (MSB)
  •  Motor Control Centres (MCC)
  • Distribution Boards (DB)
  • Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSS)
  • Custom & Modular Switchboards

Van Fitout Design

  • Ute Fitouts
  • Van Fitouts
  • Bus – Minibus Fitouts
  • Truck Fitouts
  • Shelving
  • Drawers

Earthmoving Attachment Design

  • Mud Bucket
  • General Purpose Bucket
  • Sorting Bucket
  • Ripper / Single, Double or Triple
  • Demolition Grab
  • Compaction Wheels
  • Hammer Plate
  • Smudge Bar
  • Hydraulic Quickages
  • Auger Gearbox and Drill
  • Hammer
  • Rock Breaker

We are using Solidworks

Solidworks is the most selling and used 3D CAD Modeling software in the world...

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