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Custom Machine Design

Invetive is a Melbourne based company providing services in design, build, maintain and market areas. Our engineers have been involved with custom machine design for many years. We design & build special purpose machines and products. We use engineering calculations to conform with design codes both local and international.

We base our designs on facts rather than assumptions therefore we establish simulation studies in our designs. We use advanced engineering calculations and simulations to reach to facts. We use reports to explain our findings to our clients.

We are designing innovative solutions for our clients which make them pioneers in their fields. Our aim is to build machines that combine new technology and classical engineering methods to achieve highest customer satisfaction.


Small to Large Fully Automated Machinery

We work with you to design the machine that fulfills your needs. Our engineers are experienced in all kinds of automated machinery. Just tell us what you need, we will design it for you…


Custom Made to Client Needs

You are looking the machines available in the market but they don’t suit your requirements… Well, we are capable to design custom made machines. We custom design machines while keeping in mind your constraints such as budget, size, location, power, efficiency…


Engineered to Australian Standards

We design our machines to Australian Standards so you don’t have any compatibility issues later on.

Do you want to bring machines designed overseas to Australia? You better be careful. Machines designed overseas may not suit Australian Standards and may not be permitted to be used in Australia. If you would like to get your machine assessed we can help you with that as well…


World Class Aesthetics

We believe the general arrangement of parts in a machine helps cutting down process time, allows seamless warehouse work flow, helps protect health and safety… We put our best effort to design a neat looking machine for you. We use the latest design techniques to give you a machine having world class aesthetics.


Long Lasting & Affordable

There are many attributes that make a client buy a product. One of those is that machine should be long lasting. The life of a machine decreases because of shortcuts that are taken in design & build process. We give extra time to design machines that will work for long time.

How about the price? Today everyone looks pricing in the first place. We pay attention to the materials we use while designing the machine since they add to the cost. We also use latest design methods to decrease manufacturing time to decrease costs and pass on these benefits to our clients.

Improving Process Time & Efficiency

The reason of using machinery is to cut down on man hours. Labour is getting more expensive day by day. People are trying to use automated machines and robots to avoid labour. Our machines are specifically designed to improve your process time and efficiency. Talk to us about how much savings you can do with a machine you implement in your processes…

We use latest software in Custom Machine Design

Solidworks is the most selling and used 3D CAD Modeling software in the world…
E-drawings is famous Solidworks collaboration software to communicate in 3D...
Draftsight is the new competitor of Autocad giving best results in 2D...
Keyshot is the best rendering software producing amazing results…

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