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Structural Steel Detailing | Invetive | In Melbourne, we use Tekla BIM Software

Invetive is a Melbourne based company providing services in design, build, maintain and market areas. We provide structural steel detailing services throughout Australia. We produce workshop drawings and reports in Tekla Structures which is the world’s leading 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) software.

Our aim is to assist you in building structures by providing solutions for all of your steel fabrication requirements. We use a project management approach to collaborate with our customers to reach results.



Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) software (Tekla Structures) allows us to communicate with any kind of file. We also can work over the cloud with Revit, Archicad, Solidworks, Inventor, Advance Steel and many more. We can use dwg files from architectural and structural working drawings to import and draw on them. Even your pdf drawings are enough for us to work off.


3D Modelling

We have experience in both commercial buildings such as factories, childcare centers and also residential buildings such as units, flats, houses. We also draw complex structures like commercial and residential custom staircases. We work with architects and structural engineers to make sure steel-work matches their needs.


Workshop drawings

Once the model is complete we prepare GA (General Arrangement), Assembly & Single Part drawings. Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) software allows us to model the steel-work to millimeters. We know how much information is needed in the workshop, so we don’t overcrowd our drawings.



Tekla Structures handles reporting in the best manner. Once the project is designed we can extract reports about Assembly-Part list, Bolts Summary, Material List, Purlin List, Bridgin Listand many more… Fabricators find these reports very useful to manage and plan the processing in advance.


CAD Files

We convert steel components to DXF & NC files to achieve high accuracy. Plates are cut by laser, plasma or oxy-cutting methods depending on the need of the building. Beams are handled in coping machines using NC files as required. We extract DSTV files for cutting and drilling.


Onsite Measurement

We also are happy to provide onsite measurement service across Melbourne city area to cross check the drawings and building. This helps us to rectify any alterations to the original working drawings. We use laser measurement devices as well as classical tape measurement devices to minimize the possibility of rework at the stage of erecting the steel.


Standard Parts

We are designing to make your life easier. Rather than using different parts we design using a standard parts library. Cleat plates, column base plates, brace connection plates etc. are designed in such a manner that they are same throughout the whole assembly. We try to eliminate any mirror images to decrease the possibility of welding items in wrong direction. 



  • Dwelling
  • Multi-Unit Development
  • Pool House
  • Holiday House
  • Multistorey Unit
  • Apartment


  • Warehouse
  • Factory
  • Office
  • Mezzanine Level


  • School
  • Nursing Home
  • Childcare
  • Retirement Village
  • Hospital
  • Medical Centre

We are using Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures is the world leading BIM software...

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