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Invetive History

Invetive is established in 2016 as an engineering design and consultancy contracting business in Melbourne. In a couple of years, with the assistance of our loyal customers, we now offer our services in many areas. Although our company is newly established, our engineers, designers & tradesmen have long years of experience both in Australia and overseas.

In Melbourne, starting with 3D Design & Drafting along with Engineering Calculations in 2016, we expanded in many areas. In 2018, we offer a complete project delivery solution to our clients including all stages from idea generation until marketing of the product.

Invetive Timeline


Established on 25/7/16 as an engineering design and consultancy contracting business. Working for mainly switchboard manufacturers as well as designing vacuum tankers and van-fitouts.


Extended services in many areas. Started designing marketing material. Continued working in switchboards and van fitouts.


Kept working on switchboards and van fitouts. Started providing steel detailing services.Expanded in graphics design in marketing field delivering brochures, business cards, logos, flyers etc. Worked on custom client database development and website design.


We are coming with big changes. Stay tuned…

A Big Goal

Our aim is to be a “1 stop destination” for all services related to design-build-maintain-market stages of transforming an idea into a product. We believe this approach will provide a seamless information flow creating outstanding results. We feel proud to be a pioneer in this field to combine all services together under one roof.

A big goal can only be reached by great team. We had to work hard to get our team ready. We are now a team of engineers, designers & tradesmen specialized in different fields working together to deliver small to large size projects.

Our customer focused business approach helped us to improve ourselves great deal. We have a strong bond with our clients. Clients we worked before come back to us again with new inquiries. These inquiries encourage us to dive into new fields and explore the vastness of information related to design-build-maintain-market.

We will keep on improving and delivering better services to our customers…

Inve nt which is:

Distict tive

Intellec tive

Competi tive

Interac tive

Proac tive

Reforma tive

Prospec tive

Innova tive

Correc tive

Attrac tive

Simula tive

Preventi tive

Excita tive

Repita tive

Produc tive

Protec tive

Initia tive

Decora tive

Effec tive

Selec tive

Intui tive

Impac tive

Accep tive

Reflec tive

Reac tive

Exer tive

Posi tive

Addi tive

Adap tive

Elec tive

What is the correct spelling for Invetive?

When people hear Invetive for the first time, they think that there is a spelling mistake. Is there a “n” letter missing between “Inve” and “tive”? It should be “Inventive” instead… If you think the same as well, read more… 

The new age is the age of inventions with a lot of features. If you think of a new machine concept, a lot of attributes that are attached to that machine comes into your mind. You want that it should be innovative, distinctive, interactive, competitive etc. 

So, we wanted to combine all these thoughts into one simple word that everyone can remember and pronounce easily. If you want to see how many words are related to our company name look at the green banner above for yourself…

Many of us have ideas that are brilliant but can’t find anyone around to help us. Our sole aim is to help you to build your future. At Invetive, we assist individuals, companies, governmental bodies and more to take that idea from them and bring it into a reality.

Transform your new idea into reality

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