When we say maintain, we mean all the processes related to after build stage. Starting from delivery to installation, training, maintenance, repair and modification. We are supporting you in every stage of the product even after we deliver it to you. We know that new products need introduction to staff and clients. Technical instructions should be provided to employees to keep the machine or product in working order. Manuals or data sheets are very good ways of communication. We are with you when you need maintenance, repair or modification. 

Products need maintenance as per engineer specifications so that they don’t breakdown. In case of any breakdown we are also on call to repair the product. You want to improve the performance or some of the attributes of the product? You might need a modification. We also are giving product modification service to allow for continuous improvement. Even if you have an existing product manufactured by others we can do modifications by reverse engineering the product and re-engineering to suit your requirements. Maintaining process starts with the logistics.

Step1: Logistics

Logistics is the management of movement of products or services between producer and consumer. It involves handling, packaging, transportation… Logistics is one of the key milestones in a product development process. Product we built should arrive it’s destination without any defects. There are two important points to consider: carrier and packaging. We provide proper packaging at our premises so product is completely free of any possible damages. We also organize logistics of the product to you or your client using market leading carriers. 

We want to give you a relief and take care of everything so you can concentrate on utilizing the product in the best manner. Therefore, we offer to manage delivery of the product as well as packing it. We offer within Melbourne and interstate deliveries. We can track the job for you as well. We print bar-coded labels as well as our labels to avoid any misplacement. If you want product or a package of products to be delivered at different locations as per your orders, we can manage that as well. We build advanced online systems to make the whole logistics process easy for client and the customer. Sometimes products might need installation upon their arrival on-site.

Step2: Installation

We believe that on-site installation is one of the most challenging parts of the whole process. At the same time, this is the time to see the results of a long effort. It may be a machine that we are installing or a modification is being done on a machine, our qualified engineers will give you confidence of professionalism. We also erect structural steel projects such as house, unit, warehouse and more… We organize crane, rigger, safety equipment and delivery of the structural steel project. 

Our experienced structural installers are capable to make on site modifications so everything is in place on time as expected. If you need a change in an existing structural steel project, we also offer on-site modifications with our equipped tradesmen. We might be installing a safety hazard project like a pressure tank, we make sure all install is under strict guidelines performed by certified hands. Or if it is a conveyor system that we are installing, we take all possible precautions. We know site installation is very tricky, so we prepare in advance to avoid any delays like spare parts and tooling. When we complete the install, we test the product before leaving. But our support doesn’t stop there, we also give after sales support such as maintenance, repair, training and modification.

Step3: Training

Training is a vital part related to usage of machinery and products. Many faults occur because of wrong usage of products. You received a new machinery or product and don’t have anybody trained to run it? You want your staff to learn and run the equipment. Then you need to train them. We offer training services for a wide variety of machines and equipment. Our training doesn’t stop at the end of training session but we take it further to prepare instruction sheets and manuals for future reference. 

Many times when we call trainers, there is so much information that is given in a short period of time that attendees can’t remember all details afterwards. We came up with the idea that course handouts must be part of a training session noting down all important points so these don’t turn into problems and confusions later on. Employers get disappointed seeing training was of no use. We know the fact that training costs a great deal to companies since they are continuing to pay staff during training hours as well. We put our efforts sincerely to train your staff in the best possible approach. Even if the machine or the product is running as it was designed, sometimes modifications are needed to improve on different capabilities.

Step4: Maintenance

Maintaining a product or a service is not less important than producing it at all. If the product is not taken care of, it will finish it’s life cycle much before than expected. We have extensive experience to maintain all types of machinery and robotic equipment. Maintenance might involve general cleaning from grease and dirt. Environment contains excessive dust and smoke remainders from applications like welding which effect machines. Or if the product is outside, there are more factors to consider like heat, cold, rain, dust… 

We offer professional specialized cleaning services with quality cleaning products. It also gives a clean finish to the product or machine making it easier and more efficient to use from the operator point of view. If the machine needs change of oil or other fluids, we replace them as per the specifications of the machine. Most companies don’t spend on maintenance and call when there is a breakdown which results with excessive costs. Getting the machine to continue working after breakdown also doesn’t guarantee that another part won’t fail the next day. Rather, if the maintenance is done as per schedule, most likely there will be no breakdowns which is waste of operators time as well as delay in the production. 

We prepare maintenance lists for every product and mark completion date with signature so we can always track the record. We supply this documents to our clients by printing and hanging on the product for quality assurance purposes. As we mentioned “to maintain” is a very wide term which may even involve website maintenance. We design websites to market the product that you are trying to sell. After the design stage, we offer our maintenance service to make sure it’s running at all times. Maintenance of the web site involves content change, style-layout changes, update of plugins and database, monitoring user activity and reporting, backups… Our clients trust us with their maintenance needs and we fulfill this trust with all honesty.

Step5: Repair

Although all precautions are taken at design stage as well as maintenance stage, still a breakdown might occur requiring a repair or replacement of parts. Breakdowns cost a lot to companies and downtime is very critical. We provide breakdown services across Melbourne city and interstate. We come to you to find out the problem and fix it immediately. Prior to our site visit we use all methods of communication to understand the problem so we come prepared with tooling and spare parts. Our aim is that product should continue working at our first visit. We know that delays in repair frustrates clients so we take extra steps to avoid any more delays. We also take the initiative to offer repair services out of business hours to fix machines which add more value to our clients since we don’t disturb the production. We repair a wide range of machines and products. We try to cater for all kinds of fields so as to excel in our service. It might be a CNC milling machine or a robot you want to repair. Or simple as a digging bucket in earth moving machinery, we can help you with all of your needs. Maintenance and repair depends on the usage, therefore we offer training services for operators to use the product or machine in the correct way.

Step6: Modification

Modification is one of the growing fields of industry in Australia. It may involve buying a product from overseas where it is much cheaper like China or having a product made as per Australian requirements but needs modification. There are two scenarios: If we have designed the product or machine, we can go back to our design process to make modifications as per client requirements. If it wasn’t designed by ourselves, we offer our services to reverse engineer the product. 

If modification is related to more important attributes which require design and simulation along with re-engineering, we are also capable of giving that service. We modify machines, install extra controllers, change products. Even as small as making a change in a house structural steel construction, we can do those types of modifications using our mobile team which is fully equipped with necessary tools. Nowadays, many companies manufacture their parts in countries where there is cheap labour and materials and bring to Australia. But they require modifications to certain parts whether it may be related to electrical standards or mechanical standards and material requirements. 

We also do modifications related to programming of the product or machine. Maybe the product needs to be working with another product and needs a new code or programming to facilitate the synchronization. We can reprogram both machines to make them work together. If one of them can’t be controlled as we expected, we can install a new controller and program the new controller. In summary, we can modify almost everything as per our client requirements.

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