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Marketing is the movement of values from the producer to the client. Why do we call it value? Because we don’t exchange only tangible items but also values attached to them. Marketing is to increase the demand in the minds of customers to buy more. This requires sellers to investigate and find out what would satisfy customer needs.

There are 4 elements to consider in marketing: 1. Identification, selection and development. 2. Setting of price 3. Distribution channel. 4. Promotional strategy. We help you in each stage of these elements. We identify the product using graphic design by pictures, pamphlets, videos and such. We help you set the price according to costs attached to it.

We use the channels of the new era to distribute your product. Today’s most favorite marketing strategy is to market products online. We do website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also help you to introduce your products to your potential customers via social media channels like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. We help you to advertise the product online or on billboards or trade shows etc. In conclusion, we offer a complete package of marketing services for you.

Step1: Price Determination

Once a product is developed it needs to be marketed to generate income. Price needs to be set correctly to make the product marketable. If the price is set too high then it won’t be sold. If it is set too low then people might think it doesn’t have value. Therefore sale price has to be set very carefully considering similar products available. If we are introducing a completely new technology then we are the ones who set the market price. 

If we are entering into a saturated market to take our share we need to be considerate of our competitors. Advantages and disadvantages of our product are very important in comparison to other products that consumers already are buying. Different pricing rages could be applied to the different versions of the product as well. Price changes can be done as time passes as well like we see most large companies practice. In summary first appearance is the main criteria that sets a product in the market. For this reason price determination must be done after detailed investigation.

Step2: Graphic Design

Graphic design is the initial step of marketing process. You have a product and you want others to know about it. You want to market it but you are not sure how to present it to the market. Well, we are here to help. We graphic design logo, pamphlet, business card, brochure-manual, leaflet-flyer, stand up banner, letterhead, envelope and more all of which relate to the product that we are presenting to the market. Not only we design them, we also get them printed from our partnering suppliers. 

So you will have all the material you need to market the product. All designs we do are unique to the product to show the eloquence to interested buyers. We use latest techniques and leading software to achieve the best quality marketing material. All these designs are used throughout the life of the product in different places like invoices, delivery dockets, job cards and such. Once the graphic design is complete we start designing the web site to tell to the world about your new product or service.

Step3: Website Design

In the new age, websites are the best way to reach end users. People are spending more and more time with their gadgets over the internet. Digital media and marketing became the far ahead channel to reach your potential clients. A well designed web site can bring your customers to your front door without even doing any effort. We use the marketing material we designed in the web site as well so all marketing channels are in alignment. 

Logo shape, colors, slogan, images are very important items that need to be repeated in the web site to build brand. We use the latest methods in web design such as responsive website design which makes a website view-able in different devices like a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. We suggest that web sites should be mobile friendly since nowadays people use mobile phones the most to connect to internet. We design interactive websites to get the attention of the visitor and persuade the buyer to spend more time on it. 

We integrate videos and images related to the product to introduce the product further in detail. Web site design requires web hosting, domain name registration etc. We take care of all these and provide you with emails ending with your domain name so you can concentrate on sales. We use local servers within Australia from our selected suppliers with 24/7 uptime. Building a web site doesn’t guarantee people will view it. SEO is required for more and more people to find your product.

Step4: SEO

Search engine optimization is the new term that shakes the whole world. SEO is the process of improving visibility of a web site in search engine results. It is often referred as organic, natural or earned SEO. This means without payment to advertisements the web site comes in the top ranks so when prospective customers search for a product, your web site comes as a result at the top of the page. According to studies most people click the first 2-3 results and very rarely the results in second page are clicked. These findings show us that it is a must to rank high to sell products. 

We offer SEO service, so rather than you going to customers they come to you. SEO requires a strategy and time. It requires well written content with related visual material to take the attention of search engines. It needs structured data in categories to make it easy for search engines to crawl the web site and save to index (database). SEO is a continuous effort of bringing best content to rank high at all times. We design web sites on SEO principles and keep on adding best content as a part of our maintenance service. We are experienced to optimize your web site so that you can enjoy the luxury of answering buyer inquiries.

Step5: Social Marketing

Social marketing has changed the ways of marketing altogether. The existence of newspapers, magazines, books are being replaced by web sites and social media channels. Rather than meeting in person, people meet on the internet and share their thoughts and experiences. Millions of people are registered to famous social media channels like facebook, twitter, snapchat and the like. Trying to market a product without these channels is becoming harder and harder day by day. Big companies are spending millions to decorate their social media channels with thrilling videos and images. 

We also are offering our services to introduce your product to market using these channels. It is a very easy way of marketing if it is done correctly. Product can reach to many people in seconds. We register the product’s description to well known social media channels and post updates so people start following the events. We also generate links to the web page so they can learn more about the product and eventually give a call for an inquiry. Although social media channels are a good way to reach your potential audience, still advertising should not be disregarded.

Step6: Advertising

Advertising is a means of communication whether it may be visual or audio to promote and sell a product, service or an idea. In the past, people used to advertise on newspaper, magazines, radio, television. Nowadays, new methods are replacing classical ways of advertising. People started using blogs, search results, social media, web sites and such. Branding is the most important part of advertising. Companies, individuals try to sink in the minds of consumers the image of their product or services. 

So where ever buyers see the brand of the product the same image flashes infront of their eyes. We use modern and classical methods of advertising as per the strategy we establish with our clients. Advertising strategy depend on the product or service and the potential consumer portfolio. If it is a product of high technology it should be advertised in high technology platforms. But if it a product that will be used by masses then advertisement should be in general platforms like television, radio which common people have access to. 

Today many companies give advertisements on search engines like Google to keep always on top. Even though being in the first page using SEO methods may not be enough to rank the first because of excessive established authority of well known competitors. We help our clients to advertise on search engines and other platforms to start their marketing from high levels. In summary, we help our clients in every stage that is required to build a brand in the market.

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